Can Love Be the Gateway to Miracles?

Love is the answer.  Love creates miracles.  There’s magic in love. You’ve heard the clichés. But do you think they’re really true? We can probably agree that love links people together.  I mean, this part is simple, factual observation and reportage. Surely, you’ve seen love and generosity link two people. You’ve seen a husband help his wife or a […]

Are You Psychic?

Have you ever wondered…if your psychic side was active? Do you get hunches that are true? How about intuitive insights and gut feelings for no reason? If you are human, you probably get all of the above. That’s because we humans come in with a soul. You may be asking, Okay. Just how does the […]

Spirit Songs

Today, I’m sharing an amazingly fun and cool mediumship reading I did for a twenty-ish daughter because it illustrates something fun that you can use to relate to your own departed loved ones. The reading started out like every reading does. As usual, I didn’t know her from Adam. (Mediums work best when we don’t know […]

Are Spirits Nearby?

How do you really KNOW if your loved ones are around?   They really do send us signs a lot of the time! What are some of the signs? Spirits love to partner with birds. Perhaps it’s because they are both aloft. Some believe that birds are aligned with the angels. Dead people love them, too. The […]