4 Great Ways to Wreck Your Intuitive or Psychic Reading

Antagonize the Psychic.  This is the first road to ruin. Skepticism is usually not a disastrous problem, but if you’re really withholding or secretive, testing, and/or demanding certain answers for proof, then you are not really open to receiving the free messages of grace.  You’ll block the messages of love and inspired answers from Spirit […]

Are Departed Loved Ones Always Available? What About Suicides?

In my experience, your departed loved ones are always available, given the right heart space. I find that incredibly comforting. That’s what I wanted when I started and that’s why I still love to do this service, even when it’s partly profoundly painful. For example, I just did a reading for a nurse. I took […]

Five Fabulous Romance Archangels

Have you asked the angels for love support?  I keep getting asked for readings about love, new love and releasing old patterns in love that no longer serve people. If you’re willing to open your mind and call on your angels, you’re in for a real treat! (This is inspired by a guest blog I […]

Can Love Be the Gateway to Miracles?

Love is the answer.  Love creates miracles.  There’s magic in love. You’ve heard the clichés. But do you think they’re really true? We can probably agree that love links people together.  I mean, this part is simple, factual observation and reportage. Surely, you’ve seen love and generosity link two people. You’ve seen a husband help his wife or a […]

Cheat Sheet for Death, According to the Tibetan Book of the Dead

Pay attention, friend. This is your ultimate cheat sheet for death, according to The Tibetan Book of the Dead. To see what I mean, let’s play a role-playing game. Today, you die. (Not really. Just humor me. We start with this morbid development because we are talking Book of the Dead.) Okay? Okay. Game on. […]