Can Ancestral Patterns Block Success?


Some people inherit the world.

Others, not so much – or so it seems.  

We all inherit gifts.  

Some of us also inherit blocks to benefiting from our gifts.


Do you have tools to flip such blocks around?


If you have gifts but you can’t enjoy them, or you don’t know what they are, read on.


I think that the best way to show how this occurs is through a strong example, so let’s review a recent Sacred Akashic Guidance session of mine.

As usual in an Akashic Reading, I opened the woman’s sacred soul records with the intention of restoring wholeness and joy to her journey.  

Instantly, I connected with several of her spirit guides, departed loved ones, and her own higher self. Of course, most people are also a bit disturbed when they find out that everything about them and their soul history is accessible and in fact, recorded for review.

Her guides gave me specifics about her talents, her troubles, and a lot of evidence and validation for her own intuitive gifts.

She confirmed all of this channeled information.  Before we spoke on the phone, I didn’t know any other information about this woman, which makes the whole process miraculous, really.

She was even more impressed as I identified the core issues in her life, her soul’s evolutionary themes, and the poignant problems of this life that have indeed played out.

On a more complex note, her guides showed me a set of very specific gifts that she did recognize in herself – but that she had repressed.

If she embraced these gifts and followed her passion, they promised that she would generate the power and natural ability to create profound prosperity through service to other people – and even to the animals – in her area.

Moreover, they revealed that using these gifts served her soul’s evolution in joy.  

And her guides didn’t stop there.

They stepped back and illustrated the heart and soul of the core problem she had been facing.  

She recognized it as soon as I painted the picture.

A damaging pattern of behavior had been passed down through her family line to her.  Because of a patriarchal pattern of repression, this woman had severely limited her own ability to connect with her inner guidance as well as with other people. 

That protective behavior pattern had been put in place for good reason long ago, but it has become defunct. She no longer needs to suffer in silence or dim her light to protect herself and her family.

Next, her guides offered specific steps for her to take to dissolve the resistance to reclaiming her natural inheritance of spiritual gifts. 

By taking the steps necessary, they promised, she can truly regain confidence in her soul power and create profound prosperity from there.

Today, as she reclaims her own inheritance of profound intuition, she uplifts the people around her and her family line. 

She also feels great about the treasures she has inherited from her ancestors. In this way, a single private Akashic Guidance reading is transformative for hundreds – if not thousands – of people. I’ve been told by guides that this is a pattern that’s coming up for a lot of women right now.

If you struggle to create meaningful and ethical prosperity, or even with identifying or using your special spiritual gifts ~ and if you are ready to use your own intuitive ability in the intuitive arts, healing arts or the creative arts ~ then you can benefit from this kind of ancestral alchemy.

To get a private soul path and prosperity reading, to get a glimpse at the treasure map of your own spiritual blueprint and how to overcome the obstacles along the path, book a Sacred Akashic Guidance reading with me today.


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