Beginner’s Meditation: Conscious Breathing


After I conduct psychic readings and medium sittings with sensitive people, and they see that this is not just a bunch of mumbo jumbo hocus pocus mindgame junk, they often ask me how they can hone in on their own psychic senses.

Some get specific and ask me to reveal the most important key to psychic development.

Well, it is, hands-down, meditation.

Which is one of those words that is over-used and lusterless, in my humble opinion. I mean, the word meditation is used for sacred guided journeys, accessing spirit guides and angels, connecting with dead loved ones, quieting the mind chatter, hypnosis exercises, past life regressions…and on and on and on. Are you confused yet?

No need to be intimidated.  Core Meditation is really quite simply a centering in the present moment, releasing resistance, in that peaceful place. It’s much more simple than some people make it out to be! The trick is to quiet the mind to the point where we are not consciously thinking but rather we are being, as in human beings.

To get back to basics, I‘ve developed some basic tools for beginners to learn to meditate online for free, with simple and quick instruction on the keys.

In this 2.5 minute video, you can learn what it means to breathe consciously for one full minute. Click the link below to watch it when you have some time.

I talk you through the entire thing, from set up to finish. It’s quick and easy. I promise!

This is Part One: Conscious Breathing. The Conscious Breath is fundamental to the practice of meditation. Here is a basic bootcamp review to get you started. After you learn the basics, you can get more advanced.

If you come back to do it again, you might want to know that the actual meditation practice starts 52 seconds into the video, where you are asked to uncross your arms and legs, straighten your spine and recline with your back supported. To skip the setup, click the 52 and go right into the practice.

Before that, you get instructions on how to set up your position for optimal effect.

Twenty minutes a day is standard protocol in spiritual practices around the world, not affiliated with any particular religion but as a general rule.

Meditation is a deeply important part of countless world religions through history. It’s critical to quiet the chatting mind and needy emotional body so that we can get to the core of our true spiritual selves.

Beginners often experience tingles and sometimes emotions will come up that have been long repressed. This is normal and part of a natural process. If this happens for you, get a journal to vent your feelings. Let the tingles flow. Your energetic pathways will be given space they may have never had before!

If chronic discomfort persists, consult a doctor.

If you know the basics of meditation, go longer. Twenty minutes twice a day.

You may want more after that. You may need something different.

Some great educators offer courses in person and through correspondence that teach more in depth skills.

With focused breathing, we can go for longer and longer periods of centering mindful connection with our Higher Power and healing, empowering divine connection.

The essential thing is to get started. With these one minute meditations, there are no more excuses! You DO have time for this and you will see that it’s easy!

Again, the short conscious breathing meditation video is here:

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Be radiant, grasshopper!