Celebrating with Spirits


Years ago on a hot Manhattan summer day, I hosted a medium sitting for some siblings who lost their mom.  She came through for them with flying colors and tons of love. Particularly fun was how she reminded them of including her for Christmas, even after she was physically gone.

She showed me the scene, gave me the feelings and told me that she wanted them to know how much she appreciated how they had set out the glittery baby boots she had made them. It was important to this mother in spirit that her grown kids knew that she WAS with them at the holidays, and that she did see their memorial for her in the form of the glittering baby boots she had made them when they were small. Isn’t that sweet?  I really loved that reading because it was so charming and lovely and specific, with that particular holiday and that particular hand-made keepsake brought to life again.


I’ve had a lot of readings like that over the years, where the departed spirit comes through with images from family celebrations that memorialized them. They really want their loved ones to know that they are with them during these times!

With love from the spirit world. Happy Holidays!

If you’re interested, you can still listen to part of that sitting here: