Akashic, Angelic and Master Guidance


Discover higher guidance on your soul path and current situation. Get master guidance and angelic wisdom about your life and the patterns that are being expressed today. Gain higher perspective and solutions from your soul records, angels, and master spirit guides.  Book at least three days ahead.

Via Skype, email or telephone.


Find out what your soul wants you to know right now. Need neutral outside validation?  Want inspiration?  Which spiritual gifts are awakening in you today?  This is a quick, seasonal reading that can bring insight again and again as the path is taken.  May include immediate direction for the next action step, messages and names of your angels as well as messages from the most prominent master guides working with you today. Allow one week after your order for your reading to be received.  This reading is normally done the by following Sunday after payment…sent in an audio sound file or in a written email report, delivered to your Inbox. You may either ask up to three questions ahead of time or let Lisa tune in and read the general picture.

Via eMail only: audio mpg or written pdf file.

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