Heaven Comes Home for the Holidays!


In the spirit of thankfulness for Thankgiving, I opened up the phone lines this week and took live callers for medium readings on my channel at BlogTalkRadio.com. It’s been a long time since I hosted a regular show, and it was a bit nerve-wracking to deal with the technology, but heaven hears the call. A line of loved ones in heaven stepped up so that they could connect with their loved ones on the phone. The holidays can be rough. Our loved ones really want to share their thanks and support.

Aside from giving thanks, forgiving was the theme that came up around this holiday with the spirit people. The theme was that if we can’t forgive ourselves – or others – then at least we can accept them and create a little peace in that.

On the show, a couple of parents came through from heaven. First, a very well-mannered departed Dad drew a comparison between the family tiffs and the way his daughter’s pet dog and cat alternatively love and hate each other. Then, a lovely mom in spirit apologized because she wasn’t able to be there and support her daughter through her divorce. This mom really wanted to remind her daughter of all the loving care she had shared at her time of death.

Many more loved ones lined up to connect with their people in the living, and I shared a bunch of messages on the show. You can listen to the replay here.

I just really want to share that whole spirit of love and forgiveness with you today. Your loved ones want you to be peaceful and joyous and to celebrate every good thing this year, even if they can’t be with you. So hopefully, we can all create acceptance or even harmony around our tables this season.

And if you are missing your loved ones on the other side, tell them! Invite them to the parties. They will hear you and even see you! They present clear evidence of their visits all the time. You can be sure that your loved ones do hear you…and that they will be home for the holidays.

Happy Thanksgiving!

With love and gratitude,
Lisa Atkinson

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