Do you long for one more discussion with someone who has crossed over?

  • Want REAL messages with specific evidence from heaven?
  • Wish you could tell someone you’re sorry?
  • Never got that apology in life?
  • Want more time with departed loved ones?
  • Need to connect with someone after crossing over?

Join Clairvoyant proven psychic medium Lisa Atkinson in a real-time conversation with your departed loved ones and/or beloved pets. Live on the phone, via web or in person.

Lisa Atkinson will show you the signs that they are still around – and that their love is still alive. You will get specific evidence from the other side that they are still with you. Gain peace knowing that love is forever. Your loved ones in spirit are still supporting you. 

PHONE/WEB READINGS: More details below. Phone and web readings work just as well as in-person face-to-face sittings.

Private Medium Sitting – One Hour

lisa with james van praagh

  About Lisa Atkinson’s virtual and live medium sittings…

Begin with a prayer and a direct link to Spirit – to your loved ones who want to connect.

You needn’t speak at first. I will identify who is with us by translating what I see, hear, feel, and yes, smell – from The Other Side so that you can tell who steps forth.  They may give me memories of time with you. They may show me photographs. They often relay names, dates, places and show me their appearance. They normally tell me how they died. Then, it is up to you to identify them from the evidence they present, which will be specific.  Clients receive a variety of evidence and insights from loved ones who have departed. I just translate.

What happens next is hard to predict. I’ve conveyed everything from pleas for forgiveness to congratulations on a job well done. (I love to work with an array of divine and non-denominational angels. I always request constructive messages of love and validation in hopes of making this a cleansing, affirming experience for you that will transform your life toward greater joy.)  As you can imagine, content varies depending on the loved ones and the situation at hand.

Why sit with a medium?

People come to mediums to clear the past, rekindle loving connections and to reclaim lost love.  In connecting with departed loved ones, my sessions will remind you that consciousness continues and love really is eternal.

Even if you have sensed your loved ones with you already, I will support you in knowing how to identify them by their signature signs in the future.

Together, we’ll EMBRACE the loved ones who step forward to communicate and bring you further love and joy.  It always works.


 Three months is the minimum advised to start the grieving process before seeing a medium.  That said, a friend of mine once came in spirit to say goodbye the night she lay dying. Grief is difficult, but there are actions we can take to get support in this trying transition. It helps to have loving people around when we feel loss.  As always, do seek a local bereavement group if needed, and hire professionals for advice with financial, medical, or emotional questions.


PRIVATE MEDIUM SESSIONS for 1 sitter only, unless pre-arranged.  3 person maximum  For group readings, ask via email. Phone, Skype or face-to-face mediumship in New York City, Connecticut, Western Mass., and in specially selected spaces.  Paypal to or use the buttons below.  Sorry no email medium readings. Click below to book your private, personal, and confidential medium session. Please reserve one hour for private medium readings. We may go over.

via Telephone, Webcam, Skype for a Private Reading

CLICK BELOW IF YOU WANT A LIVE PHYSICAL SITTING TOGETHER in Manhattan, the Tri-State Area or Key West, Florida.  This is the section where you can arrange a one-Person Medium Sitting in person.  NOTE: $50 Deposit required at booking for travel.

Party of Three?  That’s a Group Reading

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